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Hi! I'm o_deanna and this is my Harry Potter Sims journal. It's the story of the Marauders' adventures at Hogwarts during the 1970s and is told using screen shots from the PC game The Sims 2. I've tried to keep to canon material as much as possible (although guessing which year each character was in was a bit of a shot in the dark) and you'll find lots of other characters and storylines going alongside The Marauders one.

As this is canon-based, most of the pairings are het, although I am a huge dirty great a bit of a slasher at heart, my OTP being Remus/Sirius. This means that at some point things will probably get quite fluffy/angsty/gay/sticky, but for now you're quite safe!

Please feel free to friend me to keep up with updates and comments will be loved, cherished and responded to. Have a wander over to o_deanna if you want to know more about me. The lovely spazzychick96 has created a community over at iss_fans if you want to post icons or graphics relating to this journal. Thanks for reading!

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