i_solemnly_sim (i_solemnly_sim) wrote,

A sneaky peak!

Hello everyone, hope you're all doing well!

Thanks for sticking with me this long! I'm sorry there haven't been any updates, but after the release of the Pets Expansion Pack I've decided to give my HP Neighbourhood a much needed overhaul..

I've downloaded some much more realistic skin tones and eyes, and I'm hoping you'll like the look of my new Sims (don't worry, they haven't changed too much!) The main reason for redesigning my story was that the buildings weren't really to my specifications, although I'd decorated them myself, I'd downloaded the outer structures from various Sims sites and the layout was never really how I'd imagined. So, with a little help from my newly initiated boyfriend (he's read all the books for me in a matter of weeks), I'm slowly building up the neighbourhood. Sorry for the long wait, I hope you'll bear with me a little longer. By way of a thank you I thought I'd share this picture of a young Molly and Arthur with you! I took it this morning, look how in love they are! *warm fuzzy feeling*

Thanks again for not giving up on me!

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