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Part Three (A): The Christmas Special

Title: Christmas Special
Part: Three (A)
Rating: PG for bad language and lots of violence!
Notes: I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened, this got very angsty and violent all of a sudden! It was meant to be a jolly Christmas Special. Ah well. It's in two halves because it's such a whopper of an update. Please excuse my poor excuse for Latin spell casting! - I tried! If you need to catch up, Parts One and Two can be found here.

Part Three (A): The Christmas Special

Oooh yay! It’s a white Christmas at Hogwarts this year! Fa la la la la!

Ahh look! Two snow angels! Oh no wait, my mistake, it’s James and Sirius, and it looks like they’re play fighting! Aww.

James is winning.

No, hang on, Sirius is winning.

Actually, judging from the smug smile upon her face it looks as though Bellatrix might be winning.

“Ahh, are you two little babies playing nicely in the snow together? How sweet!" she simpers. "Oh! But where are your mittens, Sirius?! I’m sure your mummy wouldn’t want her first-born catching a chill, now would she?…Oh no, hang on, that’s right, I forgot - she doesn’t love you anymore.

"Aww, poor little Sirius, all alone at Christmas time! Hows about a widdle cuddle for my baby cousin?"

"Oh why don’t you just fuck off Bellatrix?!" Sirius spits "You’re loving all this aren’t you? I bet it was you who wrote to tell her in the first place. And it’s not like I even care! If you’re anything to go by I’m glad I’m out of the fucking family!"

“Speak to me like that again, Sirius, and you’ll be scraping one of your little Gryffindork friends off the carpet. OK?” And with that threat hanging in the air she stalks across the grounds.

Sirius is keen to pretend that nothing’s happened and wants to carry on with the game, but James would rather talk about things:

James: Are you alright, man? I mean that was some pretty nasty stuff Bellatrix was saying.
Sirius: Yeah well, Bellatrix is just a bitch. Always has been. It doesn’t bother me.
James: Are you sure? So, what did she mean, about your mum? Is it about this Slytherin Pride thing?
Sirius: No. It’s Nothing, James, she didn’t mean anything! Why are you making such a big deal about it? Just leave it OK? For Christsake!

James: Fine, Sirius, be like that. Don’t include me in your life. I’m going to go and see if Remus is ok, for what it’s worth, but he’ll probably leave me in the dark too. You’re both so fucking secretive.

Remus wishes he were going home for Christmas. For weeks now he’s been torn between the guilt of staying at Hogwarts and the guilt of going home. If he stays at Hogwarts his parents will miss him and he’ll ruin Christmas, if he goes home they’ll have to worry about his transformation and…he’ll ruin Christmas. He’s always thought that being an only child was a huge responsibility, and not one he asked for, or would’ve chosen for himself. Having said that, James seems to have come through the experience pretty much unscathed, Remus often wishes he were more like James...

"Re-re-re-mus, my man!" Shouts James, with forced joviality.

James: How are you, Remus? Are you OK?
Remus: Hmmm? What? Oh, Yeah, sorry, I'm fine, I was just thinking about…stuff.
James: You spend a lot of time thinking about “stuff,” Remus.
Remus: Yeah, well…I have a lot of stuff to think about…I guess...

It looks like James is going to have one of those days *rolls eyes.*

Sirius is pretty cut up about his argument with James, right now he needs his friends more than ever. He's not sure why he can't talk to James about this, James just always seems so...sorted. He feels bad that he can't speak to his best friend about his feelings, especially when he finds it so easy to open up to Remus...

To clear his head he decides to stroll to the edge of the lake and see how thick the ice is.

Here's Severus Snape, minding his own business and inhaling the fragrant piney air of winter through his huge nostrils. On a whim, he decides to stroll to the edge of the lake to see how thick the ice is. Hang on a minute..uh-oh!

Sirius: Oh! I didn't see you there Snape, I'm sorry!
Snape: Yeah? You will be sorry, Black.

Sirius: What the hell does that mean? Is that a threat? Oh…just fuck off Snape, I can do without you right now.
Snape: Why’s that then? Had a tiff with one of your boyfriends?"

[Um…Snape? I wouldn’t push it right now if I were you, Sirius is feeling very emotional and--]

Told you!

At the other end of the grounds Andromeda Black is on the lookout...

...for Ted Tonks.

"Ted! I've been looking for you everywhere"

"It was you who said to meet by the tree! I thought you'd changed your mind" Ted says with a sad smile.

"Oh Ted! I haven't changed my mind."


"Hang on a minute" says Peter, "So...what's Sirius apologising for again, James?"

"He's apologising, Peter, for being a complete arsehole, isn't that right, Sirius?"

"Yep. The holiest of arses!" laughs Sirius.

*sigh* Look at poor Remus, he constantly excludes himself! Even three months on he's still unsure of why such funny, charming people [and Peter] actually want to spend time with him. He finds himself wishing, once again, that he were more like James.

"So, we're OK, yeah?" asks Sirius. "I'm really sorry about earlier man, it's just Bellatrix! She really gets under my skin sometimes."
"We're totally cool, Sirius, my mardy bastard of a friend." 

"Anyway, listen guys, I've got a plan" announces Sirius mysteriously...

Something has caught Bellatrix's eye. "What a hideous piece of tack" she says to herself.

"...oh, but look at it's darling little nose!"

-"Right guys, you know what to do, like we rehearsed ok?"
-“Umm…Sirius,” begins Remus quietly. “I’m not so sure this is a good idea. I mean, we don’t want to hurt her or anything, do we?”
-“Remus, are you in or out?”
Not wanting to disappoint Sirius, Remus concedes defeat: “In! I’m in” and he follows on reluctantly behind.

Here we witness a warm and tender moment between Bellatrix and an ornamental reindeer. Who would've thought it?


Remus still maintains that this wasn't a good idea.

Bellatrix agrees with him, but remains attractive despite being burnt to a crisp.

The boys make a quick get away before Bellatrix stops smouldering, but end up running into...

Severus Snape, who sticks out a leg and trips Sirius up, Mr Maturity that he is.

Snape finds this hilarious. Remus is not amused.

"Severus, that really wasn't necessary."

Sirius shoves Remus out of the way. "Damn straight it wasn't necessary! It wasn't very nice either!"
Snape continues to snigger. "Ooh, what are you gonna do about it, Black? Bitch-slap me again?"

Oh dear, it looks like a crowd is forming!  fight! fight! fight!

"Haha, I'd like to see you try!" Snape laughs as he raises his wand arm, but--

"ALBESCO-URSUS!" - Sirius was quicker off the mark.

Ouch, that's gonna smart in the morning.

"Man, that was a good spell!" says Sirius as he stares in wonder at his creation

Snape appears a little less impressed. "You think you're pretty smart, don't you! Well, you'll pay for this, Black, mark my words!"

"Talk to the hand, Snape, talk to the hand."

I'd watch out if I were you, Sirius, it looks as if Snape is thinking up a retaliatory hex.

Yup, there we go!


The spell seems to have hit Sirius square in the face! He puts up his hand to inspect the damage.

Now, that is one hell of a black eye.

"Come on then, Snape, let's see you give me a black eye without your wand!" Sirius growls. Remus has seen quite enough violence for one day and steps up to mediate.

"Sirius, come on, leave it, you're both even now, don't drag it out. It's Christmas!" Remus' voice is gentle and full of concern and Sirius knows he's right.

"Ok, Snape, looks like Remus has saved your ass. Despite wanting to beat the crap out of you, he's right, it is Christmas, good will to all men...and polar bears and all that jazz, I'm feeling charitable. Let this be an end to it...apart from...

"...THIS!!!" Sirius smiles smugly as he kicks Snape up the ass. Haha!

Lucius Malfoy sticks his twopenneth in. He's pretty disgusted to see a Slytherin lose so appallingly in a duel, he has to try and save face.

"So, you think your friend is pretty clever don't you, Potter?"
"Why, yes I do as a matter of fact!" James is not about to be intimidated by a bleach blonde.
"Well, lets see how clever he is when I go and fetch Dumbledore..." and with that he strides on up to the castle.

Follow Lucius Malfoy to the castle...
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