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Thank you!

Hello everyone!

Once again I am back without an actual update, but I'm here with thanks aplenty! And a couple of icons...

To be honest I'd pretty much given up on this journal, after changing my computer (and making a very bad zipping decision) I'd lost almost all my custom content and had to re-download everything, this added up to gigabytes and gigabytes of eyes, hair and cauldrons!) T'was heartbreaking! And so I decided that if I was actually going to take on the mammoth task of re-building my universe byte by byte bit by bit, then everything had to be bigger and better and shinier than before - this took longer than I'd planned, it was such a big job that I lost heart somewhat!

For the past week or so I seem to have received a lot of messages from people hoping I'll post an update, or just finding my page for the first time. I assume this must have something to do with OotP coming out. Whatever the reason, it's made me so, so happy to think that people are wanting an update, so I'm coming out of retirement! I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has continued to read this journal and to the people who have sent me encouraging comments and especially to Diane in Canada (cardieprime - can't seem to find you on here, my love) who sent me a lovely long e-mail and completely made my day today.

As you'll see from the picture in my last post some of my new stories will focus on newly married Arthur and Molly, characters who haven't been in my story so far, and also Narcissa Black, who's age I got dramatically wrong, as I wanted someone to keep Regulus company in his year...:-S. I'll also be doing lots of flashback sequences, which I'm rather excited about! Anyway, here are two icons as an I.O.U. for the next update :-).

Thanks again to you all.

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