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Part Four: A Miserable Morning?

Hello everyone! I have returned from beyond the veil to actually bring you an update! I hope you haven't all given up on me over the past months! I'm so sorry for neglecting my journal, I love writing these stories, but time just slipped away from me. I had all but written a Valentine's special in February, but alas, I didn't manage to finish it in time so I sulked for a while and it's been put on the shelf for now. Anyway here's a brand new chapter, it's Spring in Hogwarts right about now...*hugs everyone who is still reading.*

Title: A Miserable Morning?
Part: Four
Rating: PG for Snape's bum!
Notes: I've changed the format of these stories slightly, I've decided to break them into smaller chunks as it was getting harder and harder to fit an entire story into one episode...so expect some cliff hangers! Hopefully this means that you'll be getting updates much more regularly from now on :-D
Catch-up!: Parts 1-3 can be found here.

Part Four: A Miserable Morning?

It’s a lovely sunny day...

...and Severus Snape is having a rather productive morning in the Slytherin bathroom…

…contrary to popular belief he does wash his hair...

…what's more, he actually enjoys it (a little too much perhaps, either that or he’s enjoying stroking his nipple…and I much prefer the first option :-S). He's in an uncharacteristically good mood this morning, but the same can't be said for some of his fellow pupils...

Sirius Black is returning from a trip to The Owlery, he only went to post a letter...

…it looks as though he got an unexpected one in return…

…but he’s in no rush to open it.

- "Ooh some lucky boy has received some post, I see!" The Fat Lady is as observant as ever. "Who is it from? "

- "No one. Just shut up and open up, OK?" Sirius snaps.

But he isn’t going to let this little bit of parchment ruin his morning. He’s going to put it down on the table and open it later.

He knows that it’s from home, he recognises the wax seal…

Maybe he won't open it at all.

Rodolphus Lestrange isn’t having such a fantastic morning either, in fact he’s seen something that’s rather upset him on his way to class…

...his brother, Rabastan…

…talking to Bellatrix Black. Do I sense some sibling rivalry here?

-"Hey you guys!!" Rodolphus pants as he races across the lawns. "Lovely day isn’t it? So...is this a private party or can anyone join? I mean, haha, I know it isn’t really a party, why would you be having a party out here…with no balloons or cake or anything? Haha…so…er…anyway….what are you two whispering about over here?"

-"Rodolphus, we were just walking to class." Rabastan scowls at his brother with some annoyance.

-"Of course you were! Me too!" Rodolphus grins a little too widely.

-"Yeah, great…I am, once again, astounded by all the things we have in common, O big brother of mine! Except a brain. Aren’t you walking the wrong way to your class, anyway? I thought your year had Divination this morning?"

-"Yeah…we -er- do." and with that Rodolphus makes a quick get-away and grimaces as he heads for the North Tower. Hmmm…I think someone might have a bit of a crush on Bellatrix

And why not? She is a bit of a fox. Meanwhile, Sirius has been telling Remus about the letter....

-"Honestly, Sirius, why don’t you just open it?"

-"It’s only a letter! How bad can it be? They’ve probably written just to tell you how much they’re looking forward to seeing you this summer."

-"Remus, have you even listened to a word I’ve said about my family? They’re evil! I can't see this letter containing anything I’d care to read about over my morning pumpkin juice. I have no interest in it whatsoever."

-"Then why do you keep looking at it? Rip it up and throw it away if you aren’t bothered. All I’m saying is that you won’t know unless you open it, it might be something important…it might be something nice."

-"Argh! You just don’t understand what it’s like, Remus! You, with your perfect little family, no pressure from your parents, no expectations, no dark secrets--."

-"Hey, hang on a minute, my parents have no expectations at all! Don’t you think that’s worse? And we all have our secrets…my family isn’t perfect, Sirius."

-"OK, well it doesn’t matter anyway. I can’t believe my parents are causing an argument without even being here! Come on, let’s go get some breakfast."

For once Sirius isn't really hungry, but he justs wants to get out of the common room. He regrets snapping at Remus...he saw something flash in his eyes when he mentioned dark secrets...

- "But you will at least think about what I’ve said?"

Whatever it was, it's gone now, Remus' eyes are calm and kind as ever, but Sirius is suspicious.

- "Yeah, I’ll certainly think about it, Remus."

To be continued...
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