i_solemnly_sim (i_solemnly_sim) wrote,

Oh dear, not an update!

I am not dead.

I can only apologise.

Remus and I have discussed the eyebrow situation and we've come to the decision that my eyebrows must be sacrificed, because I'm a disgrace to humanity.

I had a Valentine's update planned, the pictures were taken, the plot was sketched out and I was hoping it would be up by 14th, but alas, Real Life conspired against me and I've been unable to actually finish the update. The only reasonable excuse I can give and omg it's such a good one you make actually find it in your hearts to forgive me is that I suffer from a werewolf-y type illness called Lupus and it makes me terribly tired all the time (but it's got a cool name, huh?! *grin*). Real Life has been so hectic (it's not all doom and gloom, my love life's picked up at least!)lately and I'm afraid ISS was a luxury I couldn't afford :-(.

*grovel grovel*

I should stop making promises I can't keep. I hope you can all forgive me. Your comments and kindness mean so much to me, I'm so pleased you like my work, I love writing these stories and I will do everything in my power to update ASAP.

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