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Part Three (B): The Christmas Special [continued]

Title: Christmas Special (continued)
Part: Three (B)
Rating: PG for bad language and lots of violence!
Notes: Have you read Part A?

Part Three (B): The Christmas Special (continued)

Andromeda and Ted are enjoying their day together. The trouble is they've forgotten where they are...caution has been thrown to the wind! I think it's about to blow right back at them...:-S.

Frank Longbottom walks up, a little shyly it has to be said, he always feels intimidated by Ted Tonks, although he couldn't tell you why except that he's drop dead gorgeous, brilliant in class and captain of the Ravenclaw quidditch team *sigh.*

"Err, I'm sorry to interupt you, Ted, but I just thought you should know that Lucius Malfoy has been watching you from across the grounds, and I reckon he's heading this way."

Ted looks scared shitless, bless him. Andromeda is strangely calm, which scares me a little bit.

Lucius: Well, well, well! What have we here? Andromeda Black taking a stroll with a mudblood Ravenclaw? What would your Sister have to say about this? Oh dearie me, we are in trouble.
Ted: Oh shut up, Malfoy, Andromeda can talk to whom she likes, I don't see why it's any concern of yours.
Lucius: Oh, it's every concern of mine, Ted, if a witch of such lineage as Andromeda is fraternizing with a filthy muggle born like you. It repulses me.

Ted Tonks is speechless with rage, but he knows he'll only make things worse for Andromeda if he fights back. Lucius continues up to the castle with a smile on his face, secure in the knowledge that he's won.

"Andy, come on, it's really not that bad."

"It is, Ted! You don't know what Lucius is like. Oh god, just get off me, I want to be on my own."

Ted isn't sure if Andromeda is angry at him for not fighting for her, or if she's just worried about her sister. Either way Ted decides it's probably for the best if he leaves her alone for now.

Oh dear. :-(

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the grounds:

"Shit, Sirius, look at your eye! Does it hurt? We should go see Madam Pomfrey"
"Nah. It’s not as bad as it looks" Sirius lies.

"I just don't understand why you have to get into fights all the time," says Remus hating himself for sounding like a kill-joy.

"Are you mad at me?" Sirius asks, he finds it funny that Remus is more of a mother to him than Mrs Black ever was. He can tell Remus was worried and he's strangely touched by this, mainly because Remus always seems so distant from the group...

Remus breaks into his first smile of the day. "No! Of course I'm not mad. It was a wonderful hex, Sirius! I wish I could come up with stuff like that!"

Sirius: Haha! It was good wasn't it?! I surprised myself with that one!
Remus: The look on Severus' face! I hope Madam Pomfrey can sort him out!
Sirius: I don't! Let him keep the bear head, it takes the attention away from his nose! He should be greatful!

Back at the scene of the crime it looks like Lucius found Madam Pomfrey rather than Dumbledore...and she's on the war path!

“Right, boys, what’s all this ab--- oh my good God in heaven! What on earth is that on your head, Mr Snape?"

"Why don't you ask Sirius Black, he's over there!"

"Err, if I may interrupt, Madam Pomfrey, I'd just like to add that Sirius was in no way to blame for this mishap, Mr Snape brought it on entirely by himself."

“Oh, I might’ve known you’d be involved in this somehow, Mr Potter. I don’t know how I’m going to reverse this hex.” And muttering to herself she goes off to find Sirius. At which point, Lily Evans takes a stroll through the grounds…

Lily: Oh my goodness, Severus! what happened to you?
Snape: Nothing. Fight. Jinx. It's nothing.

"Oh dear! How awful!" says Lily as she walks away...


It looks asthough Madam Pomfrey has caught up with Sirius...

"Mr Black, maybe you would care to tell me why Mr Snape has acquired the head of a polar bear? He says this was your doing, is this true?"

"Well...err..." Sirius is all uncomfortable and I have absolutely no idea why! Where's the silver-tongued charmer we all know and love! Remus steps up in his defence.
-"Umm, Madam Pomfrey? It really wasn't Sirius fault, the situation just got out of hand. Look at his eye! Severus is really as much to blame."

"Well, I'll take your word for it, Mr Lupin, although I can't for the life of me understand why you insist on associating with such rascals." Remus smiles knowingly.

"Thanks for that Remus, let's go and see what's for dinner!"

Some hours later...

Shhh! The Marauders are all asleep, it's early Christmas morning.

Dawn begins to break in the Gryffindor common room.

Sirius is the first one awake. He loves Christmas! He jumps on the other three beds, and it isn't long before the rest of the boys are forced to get up, albeit grudgingly.

The first thing Sirius does is to light the fire. Aww, I love how he's assumed charge of this fireplace!

"Good morning, James," Lily smiles, "Happy Christmas"

James takes this as a personal victory.

"Hey, Remus, it's CHRISTMAS DAY! You look kinda sad, aren't you excited?"

"Um...well, I guess so. Yeah. I just miss my fa--" Remus stops abruptly, he's sure Sirius doesn't want to talk about families. "I just feel a bit strange being here on Christmas Day, that's all."
"Aww, well, you'll feel ok when we have dinner! We're eating with Dumbledore!"

Speaking of Christmas Dinner...

The small band of important characters students staying at Hogwarts over the holidays gather around one table in the Great Hall. McGonagall is wearing a seasonal hat. There's an empty chair next to Sirius, he wonders who Dumbledore has saved it for...

At that moment Severus Snape walks through the door.

Dumbledore fears that he may have made a slight error in his seating plan.

James and Peter agree. The air is tense!

But Sirius and Snape surprise everyone (most of all me! Anyone who has the Nightlife Expansion Pack will know about the perils of Sims becoming 'furious' with each other. There's a specific amount of time you have to seperate them, or they just keep ending up in a dust cloud of fury!) by being extremely polite to each other. I really like this picture and Snape looks hot as hell.

Dumbledore breathes a sigh of relief and makes a speech about the importance of peace and understanding in these troubled times.

After dinner the boys return to the Common Room. "We're all gonna go outside, Remus, are you coming?" Peter asks.
"Um, no, I think I'll just hang around here and read for a while, if that's OK," Remus answers, "I had enough snow yesterday to last me a lifetime."


"OK, but you'd better be out within the hour, or I'll came back here and drag you out, right?" Sirius' tone is light, but to tell the truth he's rather worried about Remus, he's certainly not getting into the festive spirit...and no one should be sad on Christmas Day.

Le sigh.

“…Nah, that’s a crap idea" says Sirius. "That's not gonna cheer him up. Think of something better!”

“Why don't you think of something better, Sirius, I can’t feel my arse any longer, we’ve been sitting here so long!”


By jove, I think Sirius has an idea!

Remus puts on his winter coat and ventures outside. He can't find the others anywhere. Now he has to spend Christmas Day without his family or his friends. He doesn't think things could get much worse.

"Remus is totally gonna love this" Sirius grins.
"Yeah, I think we did a pretty good job!" James agrees.

"Right, James, you wait here and keep quiet while I go and fetch Remus."

"Hang on a minute, how come you get to go and fetch Remus? Why don’t I go and fetch Remus and you stay here?" James asks, a little put out.
"Because the snowman was my idea, James! And Remus likes me better than you anyway. Everyone does!" Sirius grins.
"Haha, alright, go and fetch him but be quick about it!"

At which point Peter reappears, heaven knows where he's been up until now! To be honest I think he sloped off when he saw there was work to be done. Fat bastard. "What's that supposed to be? Why has it got two heads"

"It hasn't got two heads!" Protests James. "Well...it has got two heads, but not on the same body! It's a baby snowman, Peter, because Remus misses his family!" Halfway through this conversation Sirius makes a hasty getaway and manages to find remus quite quickly.

He seems to be doing quite a good job of cheering Remus up without the aid of a snowman...

Aww, I love Remus' goofy grin here. Bless.

-"Hey, Remus, I hear there’s someone over there who wants to meet you?"
-"Meet me?"
-"Yup, come and have a look!"

"OMG!" breathes Remus, "you guys built this for me?"

"It's brilliant. I love it."

"Aww, I don’t know what to say, guys. Thanks so much! This means such a lot – the fact that you’d go to all this trouble. For me, I mean."

"Of course, we'd do this for you, Remus. You're like family to us!" Sirius says, rather exasperated with Remus' failure to understand the politics of the group.

"The same goes for you, y'know, Sirius. Don't worry about things back home, we're all here for you." Says Peter kindly, and I like him a little bit more for it.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

In the spring....
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