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Part Two (and a bit!): An Epilogue

Part: Two (and a bit!)
Title: An Epilogue.
Rating: G
Characters: Remus, Sirius.
Notes: I intended this to be a small piece of a much longer episode, but The Christmas Special took longer than I expected. Argh. Anyway, I couldn't bring myself to delete this scene, it's way too too cute...and kinda relevant to the plot of the next part. Can you please just imagine there was a huge storyline of James/Sirius bonding before this scene?! Thanks :). To make up for this, I'll include some icons!

Part Two (and a bit): An Epilogue


I think we can safely assume that Mrs Black just got word that her first-born didn’t make Slytherin. Poor Sirius :’(

"Um…Sirius?” Remus has never been all that good at emotional situations, he can’t bare to see anybody upset. He wishes James were here, he’d know what to do, and besides, he’s much closer to Sirius.

Sirius: *sniffle* Yeah?
Remus: Are you alright?
Sirius: Yeah, I’m fine.
Remus: You don’t look fine…

Sirius: Well…no, I'm not, not really. I just got a phone call an owl. From home. Bellatrix must’ve explained what happened during the Sorting Ceremony and, well, Mum wrote to tell me that I’m an utter disappointment to her and a disgrace to the family…apparently she wrote to Dumbledore too, saying there must be some mistake, that a pureblood like a Black would never end up in Gryffindor. Dumbledore told her I was a shining example of a Gryffindor and he hoped for nothing but the best from me. She told me that as far as she’s concerned from now on she only has one son.

Remus: Oh God, Sirius. I’m so sorry. I’m sure she doesn’t mean it, she’s just a little shocked, that’s all, she’ll come around. I’m sure she loves you…
Sirius: Yeah, but she doesn’t, that’s the thing. She isn’t like James’ mum, or your mum, or Peter’s. She doesn’t send me new socks or chocolate frogs through the post.

Remus: I’m sure she’s proud of you, Sirius, even if she doesn’t show it. If you were my son I’d be really proud of you.

Sirius: *sniffle* Thanks, Remus. Don’t tell James about this, will you.
Remus: No, of course not.

Three months later...

Here are the promised icons! I'm not particularly good at this (small fonts elude me) and there are already some wonderful icons over at iss_fans, but here goes nothing:


If you like any of them please just put a link back to this journal in the credits? That would be great. Leave a comment if you can, I'd like to know which ones people don't hate like.

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